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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Carry Your ECG With You Forever

Next time you have an electrocardiogram (ECG) done, take it with you forever by snapping a pic of it with your phone. If you are lucky enough to have an iPhone or Droid (or any phone with a decent camera) the quality of the ECG image will be very decent.

This could come in very handy if you were to ever end up in an ER or doctor's office who wanted one for comparison. And that happens more commonly than you might think.

This is a quick, cheap an easy way to answer what potentially may be a very important question: is this finding on your ECG new?

This may be particularly important in those patients with chronically abnormal ECGs at baseline. Certain findings on an ECG, such a left bundle branch block, can prompt fairly aggressive courses of action if they ate thought to be a new finding. Obviate that by carrying yours on your phone.